Blue Door In Avanos

Avanos Door Handle

There’s doubtless a hauntingly beautiful story for the ages that goes behind this door, but unfortunately I would have to make it up. One of the constant tensions in my head as I take pictures in Turkey is between the desire to communicate what I see, and the sense that what I see is always less than the whole truth.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, 1/40″, f/9

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  1. anonimiss September 8, 2008

    its a beautiful picture, full of mysteries as you rightly pointed out. and being a designer myself, i loved the detailing on the door – the handle, the keyhole, the color….its humbling to see these, which i’m sure have not been ‘designed’ by anybody in particular. a case of design without a designer….and i’m not complaining!

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