Folk Songs For A Turkish Wedding

The wedding began. Such a crowd as had never been seen before filled the village. Minstrels from afar came and filled the village with their sazes. Drummers and dancers came. There was joy springing from every corner of the village. Halil too was walking on air from joy, sometimes entering into the dances. The last day was the day for declaring the engagement, for dropping the flag. And that brought Halil even more joy.

-Excerpt from Alageyik, a Turkish folk story retold by the great novelist Yashar Kemal. My translation from the Turkish.

The tale of Alageyik takes place in the eastern ranges of the Taurus mountains of southern Turkey. This picture depicts Mustafa Gunesh playing the saz himself in one of the villages in the western parts of the Taurus, near Konya. Here, Mustafa and his father Huseyin join a guest from the city in singing folk songs on the second-to-last day of a wedding in the village.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-400, f/5, 1/30 sec.

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