39 And A Half: Door In Annapolis

Here’s another image from America, taken on a hurried personal photo walk through downtown Annapolis, Maryland, just before getting drenched by a thunderstorm. I like it because it has something Turkey doesn’t have – fractional house numbering. In Turkey, when new residences pop up in between old ones, they use the more direct method of coming around and renumbering all the houses. So when you go down a village street, you find doors with a couple of old numbers crossed out and the new one painted on, in a different color. The same thing regularly happens to street numbers, making it all the more impressive that parcel delivery men can ever do their job with the efficiency that they do.

Of course, it helps to remember that “historic” Annapolis is maybe 300 years old, while historic Ankara, for example, dates back at least a couple of millennia. Beauty, heritage and organization – all in the eye of the beholder.

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