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Ankara Cityscape Reflection

Candlesticks, Antiques and Art

Whoever Believes in Him

Tree and Stairs

Antique Telephone, Chest and Typewrighter

Old Music

Postcards in Jerusalem

Religious postcards for sale in the Christian quarter of old Jerusalem. I’m not certain, but I’m going to guess that guy in the middle is an Eastern Orthodox priest, maybe named a saint by the church. The narrow streets leading up to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are full of both Orthodox and Catholic shops, selling crucifixes, little bottles of anointing oil, pictures like this, and many, many long thin candles for visitors to light in the church.

Carpets, Art and Cobblestones

Ataturk With Carpets

After successfully leading the Turkish war of independence, Mustafa Kemal enacted several reforms, including the assigning of surnames for every citizen in the country. While his subjects were choosing last names for themselves from the self-evident (“Born”) to the nature-inspired (“Sun”) to the painfully prosaic (“Son of the Yogurt Maker,”) the nation’s first president assigned himself the name of Ataturk: “Father of the Turks.” If the attitudes of current Turks are any indication, he was justified. Ataturk’s image can be seen in nearly every classroom and workplace across the nation, including this rug shop where two Ataturk pictures formed part of a street display in Ankara.

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

So this is a little creepy, but probably not creepier than that song. Santa Claus was watching from both of these windows when we visitedĀ Ellicott City, Maryland. Ellicott City is a place that has plenty of Americana feel to it, plenty of antique and vintage stores, but it was still strange to see this in the windows … in the middle of May.