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Disappearing Into The Turkish Autumn Woods

Hats For Sale

This hatter in Ankara, like basically every other shopkeeper in Turkey, is a proud Kemal Ataturk fan. I guess that’s not enough to keep him from displaying an Ottoman-style fez, outlawed at one point by the great reformer of modern Turkey. At least it’s red so it matches the Turkish flag inside the shop, and as a photographer I appreciate that.

Jerusalem Street Scene

Moving away from Anatolia now, but remaining in the Middle East – some would say the center of the Middle East. Here, pedestrians walk through a Palestinian neighborhood just outside Jerusalem’s Old City.

Found Still Life With Gandalf

The Lord of the Rings movies were fairly popular here, which goes to show that no matter where you are, beauty is beauty, truth is truth, we all like a story where the world gets redeemed and we like it when the good guys win. So here we have Gandalf (and Legolas, hiding behind him), fresh off duty in a Burger King happy meal or whatever, and commiserating with some Kutahya porcelain, what looks an Ottoman Janissary, Santa Claus, and a curious young lady who might be one of Tinkerbell’s friends, in a second hand shop on one of Ankara’s back streets.

Ottoman Shoes For Sale

The shadow of the Ottomans is still visible in many clothing styles worn throughout Turkey today. Although I haven’t seen Ottoman-style leather slippers like this worn by anybody I know in Ankara, presumably somebody wears them if they are on sale at the shop in the Ulus neighborhood where I took this picture. Then again, they could be just for tourists. That doesn’t mean that old-fashioned Ottoman dress isn’t still alive and well in many parts of the country. Shalwar pants like those worn as far east as Afghanistan are still in fashion for men and women in southeast Anatolia, starting in Tarsus.