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Blue Door and Field

Here are the door and window of a vacant house in a village near Malatya, Turkey. The house is unused because the previous inhabitant has passed away and his children and grandchildren now live in places like Istanbul or various European cities. The population of the village triples during the summer months when Turkish expats in Europe come home to relax and picnic in the mountains and fields of their childhood.

Jerusalem Souvenirs: Multilingual

Blue Car With Green Hill: Safranbolu

I like this one a lot for some reason. I think the color of the car works well with the green in the grass, and meanwhile the hill and the houses make for a nice composition together. This is Safranbolu again, still in the old town, with these houses providing an example of what the 18th and 19th century Ottoman architecture looks like when it hasn’t been restored.

Five Windows; Two Chimneys.

This is just a fun treatment of a portrait of an abandoned house near the eastern shore of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. It might be a little different from the way I’ve handled pictures like this in the past, but I think I like the feel of it.

Three Blue Doors – A Greek Street Scene

Several times while displaying my images here in America, people have commented on the blue doors in some of my Mediterranean scenes, and asked if I’ve “painted them in.” No, there’s no need – people on Greek islands just like having blue doors. Sometimes I just take out all the other color, like I did here, to make the blue stand out more.

Enchanted Forest, Eastern Anatolia

Time for something a little more artistic. This scene was captured in the failing light of late afternoon, along a stream in the valley above Bekiruşağı Village, Malatya in eastern Turkey. Vedat and Seyit were off down the valley to my right, picking apples and pears from Seyit’s orchards and speculating on my strange obsession with taking pictures of the trees.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-400, f/7.1, 1/20 sec.


Blue Door And Window; Bike With Sidecar

Blue Door And Window; Bike With Sidecar, originally uploaded by Josh and Julie.

This was taken in the village of Bekiruşağı, in Malatya, Turkey. Since I visited in the fall, the house was deserted, like many of the nearby houses belonging to Turkish families who now live in Europe and only return for summer vacations. The bike was a very recent purchase of my host, who just before this picture was taken had used it to transport four of us on a rather harrowing ride from the village center to his house.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, f/9, 1/30 sec.


History In Tarsus: Ataturk At Cleopatra’s Arch

Cleopatra’s Arch in Tarsus dates from Roman times and is supposed to mark the place where the Marc Anthony and the notorious queen first laid eyes on each other. A pretty good pedigree for any structure, but here as many other places in Turkey, the arch takes a back seat to a Turkish flag and the inspiring figure and words of Ataturk.

On the left hand stone, one of Ataturk’s famous quotes: “Turk, plan, work, and trust.” On the right hand stone, and even more inspirationally: “O Turk, son of the future, the power you need is present in the blood in your veins.”

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, f/13, 1/125 sec.

Green Door And Turkish Rug

Green Door And Turkish Rug, originally uploaded by Josh and Julie.

Bright color is always appreciated in Turkey. The colors of the çicim-style woven rug displayed for sale on this Ankara wall are nearly surpassed by the aqua green of the door a foot away.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, f/4, 1/125 sec.

Blue Door And Wall

Blue Door And Wall, originally uploaded by Josh and Julie.

Back streets of Ankara.

I feel like this one could have been more than it is … Maybe the door is just a little too sharp. But there’s something about it I like nonetheless.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, ISO-200, f/5.6, 1/200 sec.