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Running Past Carpets

Blue Doors In The Greek Mediterranean

Departing from the theme here a little bit because this is not really Anatolia. It’s not actually Turkey either – this picture was taken on the Greek island of Castellorizo, just off the Turkish coast, which the Turks call Meis. The town and especially the harbor are beautiful – this view looks down the harbor street on the left side. Still, when we visited in early May it was a ghost town and before noon not a single cafe was open. All to be found on the streets was a few fisherman and some lonely blue Greek architecture.

Flute Player In Kayseri

Anatolia, Kayseri, originally uploaded by polbar.

Polbar does a remarkable job of connecting with the people and the real spirit of the places he visits. This photo from his Flickr site is timeless: it was taken in Kayseri, central Anatolia, in 1971, but you could find the same scene in the streets of many Turkish cities today.